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Pest Control

We use the latest technology to test new and innovated products so we can protect.

Engineering Consultant

Consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise.

Environmental Consulting

Managing, protecting and restoring the environment are integral to our services.


We are professional tile installers who can install and repair tile in many areas of your home.

Lighting Design

Professional lighting designers dedicate their careers exclusively to the art and science of lighting.


Hiring our professional handyman services ensures proper storage installation.

Tree Service

Provides vegetation management, storm restoration, and work planning services.


Whether you're moving down the street or across the country, we'll help you manage your relocation stress.

General Contracting

We develop special tailor-made solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Testimonials what clients say

If you're faced with home improvement or repair tasks, and don't have the time, I would give Handyman my highest recommendation.

Michael Smith

They worked hard and offered to help me set up my furniture once it was in my new home.

Very pleased!

Bradley Cooper

The movers were friendly, helpful, polite, professional and efficient. They did a great job! I would highly recommend them! Thank you!

Hanna Pinkman

I am very happy with their work. they did a great job. They were very helpful with other aspects of the work i had in mind. They were very clean, and very quick.

Erick Fox